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Constitutions of The United States and Idaho

My actions while serving as an Idaho State Representative will always coincide with the U.S. Constitution and Consitution of the State of Idaho. I will be cognizant of my every action in relation to your personal rights. I am fed up with the consistent abuses of the U.S. and State Constitution committed by both the Idaho and federal governments. I am fed up with politicians who attempt to justify these abuses.

The U.S. Constitution is an inspired document. I took an oath to protect it. I will always honor that oath. I will do my best to restore liberties and freedoms, that we have lost. I will do my absolute best to protect the ones we still have.

The COVID Agenda

We have seen governments violate the God-given rights of Idahoans and Americans throughout this agenda that arose from a virus. These governments and special interest entities have pushed fear and control. I know who the mastermind of fear and control is. If you are Christian, you know what I am talking about. As a legislator, I have been outspoken against these violations of rights and have fought tirelessly against this agenda.

I filed for impeachment on Governor Little for shutting down businesses, violating 1st Amendment protections by not allowing Idahoans to go to church or assemble peacefully, for allocation money without the Legislature’s approval, the right to self-determination, the right to work and earn a living, right to freely associate with others, the right to travel, the right to informed consent and self-determination with regard to medical issues, suspending Idaho statutes without approval from the Legislature, etc. Some people were very upset with me for filing. However, I promised my constituents I would ALWAYS defend the Constitutions of the United States and Idaho. I believe in doing what you say you will do. I stated it continuously that it was not personal.

I continuously attend school board meetings to fight for the rights of parents, especially against mask and vaccine mandates. I have fought against vaccine mandates in form. However, the RINOs of Idaho protected businesses that require their employees to get vaccinated. I certainly support business and their rights, but individual rights must always be protected first and foremost.

Property Rights

The federal government has no business controlling our public lands. It is not authorized in the U.S. Constitution. We must take back this control. We also need less regulation in agriculture and ranching. We need to protect the property rights of farmers/ranchers while protecting the sportsman’s right to access public land. We need to take control of our natural resources. The federal government has no authority to regulate our natural resources. Idahoans can responsibly govern themselves.

The issue of property tax coincides with this subject. No one really owns their property if the government can take it away for not paying your property tax. Direct taxation is unconstitutional and property tax is one of the most un-American taxes that we have. I have voted to support property tax relief and I will continue to vote for every bill that facilitates relief.

Agriculture/Small Business

The biggest stumbling block for agriculture and small business is government regulation. It becomes so burdensome and taxing those profits keep getting slimmer and slimmer. Dairy farms are overburdened with regulations and fees. Trucking companies can barely squeeze out a profit after all the fees, permits, and taxes are paid.

The government should be protecting farmers, ranchers, and small businesses. It shouldn’t be inundating them with burdens. The government’s sole purpose should be helping and protecting the people, whom they work for.

What happened when Trump lightened the burden of taxation on businesses? We saw the stock market rise, employers saw better profit margins, employees benefited. If the government gets its nasty fingers out of the free market, it thrives.

I have always voted to support small business and agriculture. I have received the Friend of Agriculture Award from the Idaho Farm Bureau. I have also received the Defender for Economic Freedom from the Club for Growth.


I am ferociously against the foolishness, indoctrination, and invasion of privacy that comes with Common Core. More local control will mean more innovation if we can get schools away from federal dependence. Chad wishes to put most of the power back in the hands of local districts. Local people know the needs of their children. We are woefully under-educated in science, history, economics, and the Constitution. I wish to help require some vocation and technical skills training in high school. Not all our children attend higher education institutions, and we need to better prepare them for the real world.

  • There is no one more qualified to determine the education of a child than the parents of that child.
  • I fully support School Choice. I have voted for this as a legislator.
  • I fully support School Vouchers and Tax credits for Home Schoolers. I have voted for this as a legislator.

Grocery Sales Tax

I feel that Idahoans are taxed enough. I will take tax cuts whenever they arise. Why? Because when it is all said and done, we are taxed almost 50% of our income. This includes vehicle registrations, government fees for all types of things, hidden taxes in our phone bills, hidden taxes in our satellite tv bill, fees to run for political office, etc.

It seems like we have an agency for everything, much like the federal government. The State government has grown to an outrageous beast, in which must be continually fed by burdening hard-working Idahoans. I will continue to support bills that cut the grocery sales tax.

2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights

The 2nd Amendment does not allow for restriction or regulation on the U.S. citizen to own/operate a firearm. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution do not allow for the regulation of God-given rights, at least not without the amendment process.

Regarding the 2nd Amendment, it states it “shall not be infringed.” As a legislator, I have an A+ rating with the NRA for voting in support of the 2nd Amendment. I have been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America. For three years, I have carried my school carry bill. This allows people to carry concealed in schools K-12 with the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit. It overwhelmingly passed the House in 2021. However, Senate State Affairs Committee Chairwoman would not hear the bill. It became very contentious with her and I, especially after the Rigby, ID school shooting. I understand she is not running in 2022 and I will bring the bill back when she is gone.

I am very passionate about the 2nd Amendment because it is the teeth to protecting all of our other God-given rights protected in the Bill of Rights.

I am very passionate about the Bill of Rights because it protects our God-given rights. I have and will always defend the Bill of Rights. I wish every elected official would consistently examine their conscience when it comes to the protection of these God-given rights.

Self-Serving Politicians

This issue was partially addressed in the Drain the Swamp section. However, we need to incorporate term limits. The longer one is in office and becomes accustomed to the trappings of power, the chances of corruption become alarmingly high.

The good ol’ boy club is very real in Boise. They cater to corporations, lobbyists, and special interests. Why? Because they are generously rewarded for being a good lackey.

There is a strong liberty movement in this state. We have gotten many liberty-minded legislators elected. We must keep pushing back against the self-serving establishment. Therefore, you need to elect me on May 15th! I am one of those liberty-minded soldiers!

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